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Workshops are available for individuals or small groups (up to 4 people) to ensure that everyone has ample time to learn and practice, venues my home office in Wahroonga.  Prices are affordable so that Reiki is accessible for everyone. Workshops commence at 10am and finish at 4.30pm.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for registration (contact me for an enrolment form)

Traditional Usui Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho)

Reiki is the Japanese word for the universal life force energy which exists in all living beings. Reiki is also the hands on healing system for the body, mind and spirit, developed by Mikao Usui. Sensei Usui called this method 'Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki (The Usui System of Natural Healing).  This is the true and simple form of Reiki from which all other systems of Reiki are based. Reiki is a non-invasive therapy - the  client lies fully clothed on a massage table while the practitioner places their hands on or just above a series of locations on the body.  The pure flow of energy is then channelled through the practitioner's hands into the clients' body. this energy accelerates the body's natural ability to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Reiki can assist with many issues including; chronic fatigue, arthritis, joint pain, migraines, depression, stress, anxiety, digestive problems, aches, pains and insomnia and is safe to use on pregnant women.


There are only three levels in The Usui System of Natural Healing. A comprehensive manual and certificate is presented at the end of each workshop.


Reiki Level 1 - 'Shoden ' (Awakening/First Teachings) The first level of Reiki  covers the history of Reiki and how it will benefit you on a daily basis. Practical training is given in how to treat yourself, family, friends and the many uses of Reiki in your daily life. You will be aligned to the Reiki energy through an attunement and the simple act of touch allows the energy to flow. Includes a certificate and manual. Investment $250 - 1 day  10am - 4.30pm


Reiki Level 2 - 'Okuden' (Hidden Teachings/Inner Knowledge)  This second level of Reiki is for those who wish to learn more about Reiki or to be able to practice Reiki as a profession. The Level 2 attunement will accelerate your personal development, intuition and the strength of the Reiki energy. You will also be given the 3 sacred Reiki symbols,  learn how to clear emotional trauma, achieve specific goals for clients/yourself and also the techniques for distant healing anywhere in the world. Although not a part of traditional Reiki, this level also includes additional information about crystals, colour etc. Includes a certificate and manual. Investment $350 - 2 days  10am - 4.30pm

Requisites: Reiki Level 1.


Reiki Level 3 Master/Teacher - 'Shinpiden' (Mystery Teachings) The third and final level of Reiki  is recommended for the serious healer who wishes to teach Reiki and make it a major part of their life. This level includes the master symbols, more esoteric information about the symbols, methods for passing attunements and teaching Reiki. Although not a part of traditional Reiki, information will be given on symbols from other styles of Reiki and how to use them for healing, manifestation and personal development.  Includes a certificate and manual. Investment $550, 1- 2 days depending on class size. Requisites: Reiki Level 1 & 2. You must have practical experience in treating clients with Reiki before you are eligible for this level.


Reiki Refresher is available to any Reiki channels, (my students or from other teachers), who may feel blocked or have not practiced Reiki in a while. Refreshers are run with normal workshops. A certificate of attendance is supplied and my Reiki manual is available for $15. Fee $120 - 1 day

Marlaine obtained Reiki Level 1 in 1999, Reiki Level 2 in 2000 and was initiated as a Usui & Sekhem Reiki Master/Teacher in 2002. She is a member of IICT and fully insured.


                                                               Tel: 0419 267 084

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