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Spirit & Paranormal Energy Clearing Services 

Does it feel like something or someone is watching you?  Are you feeling uncomfortable in your home? Do you think that your house is haunted?   Do you have negative energy problems in your home, office or clinic? Are there any cold spots in your home? Do you seem to be having more disagreements than usual or problems sleeping? Are you having trouble letting a property or keeping tenants?


Are you nodding your head?  Well read on ........ negative energy from ourselves or external sources can have an extremely detrimental effect contributing towards imbalances in your personal energy and the energy of your home. This can result in a lack of energy, feelings of dread, uneasiness, depression, bad luck, nightmares, insomnia, an increase of negative behaviour, anger, jealousy etc towards others. Those unexplained bad vibes you feel may be residual energy left behind by previous tenants,  the history of the house (trauma/death), directed negative thought forms (evil eye, hexes, curses), emotional debris from family, friends or clients, geopathic stress, electromagnetic fields from appliances,  earthbound spirits and ghosts or interference energy. (See bottom of page for detailed information)


How can it be fixed?   Call in a paranormal investigation team to investigate and give you a report and then hire a Medium or Energy clearer to fix the problem. OR you can book us for a combined Paranormal Investigation, Ghost Removal/Spirit Rescue and Energy Clearing.


We will safely and gently remove negative entities, earthbound spirits, ghosts; clear and rebalance negative energy; close and seal negative or destructive energy vortexes; remove imprinted emotions of fear, anger, revenge, guilt; past trauma imprints;  confusion from the earth's energy grid. After the clearing the energy will feel so much lighter, clearer and refreshed; it will bring tranquillity, harmony and peace back to you, your home,  office or workspace.


Marlaine is a Spiritualist-Medium, Psychic, Spiritual Dowser, Reiki Master/Energy Healer and Paranormal Investigator. A normal Spirit Removal and Energy Clearing consists of the following;

  • Mediumship to locate and safely remove any earthbound spirits, ghosts, dark entities, residual energy from traumatic or historic events

  • Spiritual Dowsing to locate and remove interference energy, negative imprinted energy, vortexes etc

  • Specialised Equipment -  so that you can see/hear what is happening and be involved in the whole process

  • Smudging with American White Sage to clear the stagnant energy and make your home smell good

  • Tibetan Singing Bowls to clear negative energy (and they sound nice)

  • Advice on how to keep your home clear from negative energies and what colours are most beneficial for the interior decor

  • Reiki to clear the auras of residents or employees


Private Home, Unit or Small Office $180 1 to 1.5 hours, average size home, unit, or small office. Larger size properties may incur an extra charge. The fee includes the initial consultation by phone, in-depth investigation using mediumship and specialised equipment, energy clearing for home/people residing in home and follow up remote clearing for 2 weeks after the initial visit. 


Business/Factory: $250 1.5 to 2 hours. For any size business, clinic or factory. The fee includes the initial consultation by phone, 2 investigators, in-depth investigation using mediumship and specialised equipment, energy clearing for business/factory/staff members and follow up remote clearing for 2 weeks after the initial visit. 


A non-refundable booking fee of $50 is required at the time of booking and the balance is payable a week before, or on the day. We accept Bank Deposit or PayPal - details will be emailed to you. The balance of the fee can be paid by cash on the day.


Areas Covered: Most areas of Sydney are covered; Upper and Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Hills District, Inner West, Canterbury-Bankstown, Western Suburbs, South West (Campbelltown limit). Travel outside of these areas or Sydney incurs an extra cost. If you live outside of the Sydney area or interstate the clearing can be done remotely, this works just as well as in person. The fee is payable in advance by Credit Card/Debit Card, PayPal or Bank Deposit.


General Information: If you have a large property, recurring energy problems or directed interference, it may take several spiritual connections and clearings to correct the problems. These follow up sessions are done at a reduced rate of $80 by remote. For any kind of therapists, hairdressers, real estate agents etc, who have clients or patients come into their office, clinic or homes on a daily basis, I offer clearing sessions at regular intervals with follow ups in-between as needed. I can customise a plan that suits your needs.



"I had a great reading from Marlaine about 3 years ago, hence I remembered her. I run a large cattle property in Queensland where we have, year after year experienced significant issues with sick and dying calves up to 30%. No matter how many tests and visits from Vets were undertaken everything and I mean absolutely everything was continually ruled out. It was soul destroying to say the least and a total mess. In utter desperation I called Marlaine, who remotely, after an exhausting 6 weeks (for her) cleared our property on a number of levels. In my wildest dreams would I ever imagine myself posting a recommendation on something that can be quite intangible. In doing so I can comfortably say our property feels different, things are positive and healthy calves are being born. I will never be able to thank her enough for her total dedication." Jesse


What is an Earthbound Spirit?  Our passed over loved ones visit us from time to time but sometimes they may stay attached to the person they left to protect them or they may have unresolved issues or need forgiveness. Sometimes the spirit may be left over from a previous tenant or attached to the house. Not all spirits that are attached to houses or people are negative, some are just lost or don't know that they are dead and unable to move on. Although they cannot harm us physically, they may affect our thoughts and feelings, resulting in sleepless nights, behavioural problems and/or depression.

What is an Evil Eye or Curse?  Directed negative energy at a person or object is commonly known as the 'evil eye' or psychic attack. Many cultures are familiar with curses and dark forces and some people send these curses intentionally. Normally these negative thoughts don't affect us but some are more vulnerable if they are suffering with depression, addictions, mental health issues etc. Removal of the negative energy brings balance and an opportunity to live life once again.


What is Interference Energy? In the astral dimension there are many different levels and types of beings. Apart from the souls of our passed over loves ones, there are also non-human entities - negative beings, that can be created by our own negative thoughts and fears and also visitors from other dimensions. They normally don't interfere with us as they reside in a different plane of existence, but sometimes the dimensions collide or something happens to create a connection between the dimensions.  A rip or crack in the dimension can appear which opens a doorway/portal letting energies pass through. If left open the portal can cause detrimental effects causing the natural energy to be out of balance and exacerbating any negativity in people, which makes these non-human beings even stronger.


What Is Geopathic Stress? There are many energetic influences that can affect the home or business. For example, the emission of electromagnetic fields (emf's) from overhead power lines, mobile towers, electrical wiring, televisions, appliances, mobile phones, wifi and internet; magnetic energy from the land; underground streams; geological faults; tunnels and pipes; energy vortexes; negative nature spirits; sacred sites (sites of energetic and mythological significance, ceremonial and menís/womenís initiation sites etc); burial and massacre sites;  energy ley lines; sky energies; universal/planetary grids; cosmic rays; planetary influences.


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