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Scottish born Marlaine is a Psychic-Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy/Spiritual Healer & Artist who has been working with spirit for over 15 years. She is also well known for her spirit guide drawing stand at Sydney's Mind Body Spirit Festival and various psychic fairs throughout Sydney and the Central Coast. 


Marlaine is  a professionally trained, qualified, Past Life Regression Therapist & Hypnotherapist who has safely guided thousands of clients into a past life experience to help them discover their soul's purpose, connect with friends & loved ones from this life time and release any issues blocking their current life. She is also available for Hypnotherapy for those who may have issues with anxiety, stress, fears, phobias, want to lose weight or stop smoking.


Please click on the 'Hypnotherapy' or 'Past Life Regression' buttons above for more information. 



Readings & Spirit Communication


Marlaine blends her mediumship and clairvoyance abilities with tarot cards to give insightful readings that cover many different aspects of life, e.g. relationships, career, travel, health, study, business direction, life path etc. Although guidance may be given about a future event, please remember that no reading is set in stone. We all have free will - you have the ability to change your future by the choices you make. There is no need to bring a photo or piece of jewellery belonging to  your loved one in spirit.


Locations & Events


Marrickville: Soul Spirit, 163 Marrickville Road, Marrickville.

To make an appointment: Please call Soul Spirit on (02) 9568 5000 or drop in.

When: Tuesday to Thursday from 11am to 5pm

Fees: 30min $50; 45min $75; 1hour; $90. Payment Options - Cash or Eftpos (credit/debit card)



Phone & Skype Readings


Phone or Skype video/call readings available on Monday & Friday 10am - 8pm, Saturday/Sunday 10am - 4pm

Fees: 15 mins A$25 or 30mins A$50, payable at time of reading by credit/debit card.


How To Make A Booking: please call  0419 267 084 during normal business hours (Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm) to organise a suitable time for us both.


Skype Address: sydneyhypnotherapy - NB: Skype is not active unless booked for a  reading.



Gift Cards Available


                                                           Tel:  0419 267 084

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